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Every year Merit Awards and Market Research organize the India’s Most Prominent Awards in the in various sectors like Healthcare, Dental, Business and Education. Our chosen media partner for these awards who will cover all the live awards events and broadcast it on TV channel and other digital platforms.

These awards pioneer to highlight the ability, uniqueness and also honor the business achievers, leaders and innovators. Such awards inspire people to do better in their business field and achieve the best results.

All the nominees for these awards are the individuals as well as organizations who have made the difference by going above and beyond what was expected and left a lasting mark and deep impression of their work.

Key benefit for the Awardees

An Awards Certificate and a Trophy of Excellence

In our events program, we honors all the winners by providing an Awards Certificate and a Trophy of Excellence by our special guest.

Press Releases & Media Coverage

We have online and offline National Television partner for all our events coverage. We post all the events on press sites, newspaper, social media platforms, magazines, etc.

Press Interviews

An interview of the winners organized by Media Representative for sharing their experiences with the public and the same shall be posted to various digital media or on internet.

Photographs and Videos

Covering all the images and videos of the events and publishing all on the various Social Media platforms. A recorded video of awards images, logos, speeches and the best moments of the events will be sent to the winners.


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