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Social Promotion

Social Promotion

MAMR has assisted them to analyze and objectively evaluate its regional sales and then optimize its business to achieve the planned business goals.


A brewery manufacture, that provides a wide range of products including beer mugs, sausage, hop bath oil and nostalgic advertising posters. They used three parallel sales channels to run their business and drive profits. The first one is grocery store retail, second, specialty retail and last, is key clients. They were facing challenges in their business due to the sales variance and management in different locations. Hence, they wanted some business and marketing strategies to enhance their business sales.


MAMR’s methodology understood the requirements of the client then validated and visualize the client’s company data on digital maps.

We helped them in the following:

  • Displayed, analyzed and optimized its three overlapping sales structures
  • Tracked the location data for external organizations that are an important part of its profits as well as their customers and turnover
  • Nurtured and provided result-driven information to their employees in the form of easy-to-understand reports


With the help of MAMR marketing team, they can easily understand their business performance and sales in the different locations. This enables our client to easily manage the available regional potential and understand the trends on market. The brewery also uses the insights to improve their business profits and understand the market goals.


Posted on

August 25, 2016

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