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Social Promotion

Social Promotion

Within a first three months, the company restructured its sales organization and implemented many new clients-sales projects. The eyeglass lens maker succeed in their business goals, including boost sales and gain new customers.

The company is a maker and distributor of eyeglass lenses in all over the country.


Our client wanted to restructure its sales organization according to customer and turnover potential, drive times and frequency of visits. As the company worked on the old marketing and sales strategies that somehow paused their business growth. Hence, to boost business and regain profits, the company wanted to track the areas where they need to improve.


MAMR helped the company on to enhance the business productivity and sales. We’ve used some advanced tools to analyze and create the marketing plan for this company. These are some examples that we used in the sales territory planning software. It was used to create efficient and balanced sales territories, according to criteria such as sales potential, workload, and territory layout and size.


Within 4 months, they restructured its sales organization and executed multiple client-sales representative projects. Our advanced business marketing plan increased the client’s business sales and customer’s trust on our client brand. An analysis showed that the changes improved its customer service, benefited outside sales force members and boosted turnover.


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August 17, 2016

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