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Social Promotion

Social Promotion

Our market research helped our client to track and analyze the “moment of truth” in the marketing and sales of anti-diarrheal drug.


It was the pharmaceutical company, who are worried about their business progression because of their rivals business strategies. There were many competitors who sale the alternative products at very cheap prices, especially generic versions of the drug. It’s suspected that its marketing campaigns were also benefiting its rivals by creating shopper interest in anti-diarrheal medicines. Hence, they asked us to investigate and plan the marketing strategies for their business growth.


First, we analysed the competitor’s business strategies and then innovated the unique marketing plan for our client. As the Pharma manufacturer, they needed to understand the business truth. We focused on various areas including customer requirements & their selection vary in products, quality of products, and many more. We organized face to face interview with customers to achieve a qualitative understanding of the user’s behavior.


Our research helped our client to boost their business sales and value.Our insight showed the client about the truth of their business plans and marketing strategies. Also, helped in optimizing marketing techniques to consumers and merchandising through the trade. The company had quantifiable data to make the customer happy by planning a shopkeeper incentive structure.


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July 2, 2018

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